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Our School

The school provides high quality learning opportunities in a Christian environment, and the dormitories give kids from far away a chance to attend the school. Beginning in Kindergarten, each student receives nine years of solid learning. Education at La Vida is well rounded—in addition to classroom activities, the students learn about greenhouses and cultivate their own physical potential on the playground and in the gym. We also offer music and art classes. Our students tend to come back to visit year after year, which attests to the success of the experience they’ve received at our school.

At La Vida, we follow the teaching of the Bible: children are trained in the way of the Lord so that they will not part from it when they are older. In addition to Bible class, we also have a Wednesday night prayer meeting and a Thursday morning chapel service as well as Bible studies for the children.


Our Clinic

Our clinic is closed at this time due to remodelling and restructuring.  We will reopen it soon to include a wellness center that will provide training in preventing illness and helping our Navajo friends to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Our Church

The Seventh-day Adventist Church at La Vida—in addition to the other community services the Mission provides—is our way of sharing the message of Christ’s love and His plan for our salvation. The weekly Sabbath-school and church services are provided for the community and staff at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Our resident Pastors host a Friday evening fellowship dinner and vesper service for both staff and community.  The Church is actively involved in community outreach in the areas of Crownpoint, Lake Valley and Bisti.

Our Mail and Phone


The Mission provides mail service to about sixty local Navajo families. Many of our neighbors receive mail at our unofficial community post office.  The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver in our rural area (a  stretch of 90 miles along Hwy 371from Crownpoint to Farmington). Our staff regularly makes the trip to Farmington to pick up mail at the post office, then sort it and put it in locked mail boxes for pick up. We sell stamps and phone cards at our cost, during office hours   We also send and receive faxes, make copies and make our phone available for calls for many of our local community who do not have phone service.

     Our Water 

We also provide water for the local community. Many homes in the area do not have running water. On any day of the week, people tap our hydrant and fill their 50-500 gallon tanks with water from our well, which has been flowing faithfully for thirty years. For more information, please click here or follow the link at the bottom of this page. 

Our Community Services Day 

On two Sundays per month the Hogan and Church are opened for the community to receive clothing, shoes, toys, food and other items as they are available. We receive numerous donations from individuals and churches in support of this outreach.



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