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You can change the life of a Navajo Child!

La Vida Mission child sponsors have been changing the lives of Navajo children since 1962. This unique and effective way of meeting a child's needs and creating a one-on-one relationship has had a profound impact on Navajo children.

Thanks to the sacrificial missionary spirit of our teachers, most of whom are certified and get only a small stipend, the cost to educate an elementary child is only about $400 - $600,  and for a high school student is about $700 - $900. However,  there are other costs as well, such as transportation, field trips, etc.  We try to keep our curriculum up to date, which is expensive, but we want the children receive a quality education.

Could you reach out to a needy Navajo boy or girl today?  Your donation*  of any amount will help a child have:
  • nutritious food
  • clean, safe water
  • quality education
  • and a chance to learn about the love of Jesus!
When you sign up to be a child sponsor, you will select a child who needs your love and support. We'll send you a photo and a brief background of your sponsored child to help you get to know this very special addition to your family. You can then begin to build a relationship by exchanging letters and photos. You can even e-mail and we'll make sure that he or she gets your message.

Click Here for a copy of the Student Sponsor Form that you can fill out and fax, e-mail or send by mail to La Vida Mission.

*La Vida Mission is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  Your gifts are tax-deductible.